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Longacre began manufacturing parts for the everyday racer in 1978. Through the years, Longacre expanded their product lines extensively to cater to most facets of racing. Longacre's state-of-the-art research & production facility in Washington state turns out everything from hardware & tools to switch panels & gauges to chassis & safety equipment. An established brand in the automotive industry, Longacre is recognized for dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Continue shopping JEGS for the best deals on Longacre vehicle accessories.


The PRO Shocks reputation for building winning racing and performance shocks begins with the company’s comprehensive knowledge of chassis dynamics. The proven performance that makes PRO Shocks suspension systems famous for quality comes from a precision manufacturing environment that holds the most stringent tolerances during assembly and through to the dyno process. PRO Shocks has maintained this quality for over 30 years because the company attracts race-oriented professionals who come to the job with as much passion as our customers bring to their cars.


More than 30 years ago, AFCO racing and performance parts first answered the simple need for better racing suspension. AFCO shocks and suspension components quickly earned a reputation for giving a racing team an advantage. Today, the AFCO advantage can be found in thousands of performance products for not only suspension, but also for exhaust, brakes and cooling.


Since its launch, RE Suspension has become an industry leader. Headquartered in a 10,000 square foot building located in the heart of motorsports country, Mooresville, NC, RE Suspension sets the standard with our advanced testing equipment – including 2 EMA dynos, an advanced spring rater, a 10 HP dyno, and a 5 HP dyno. RE Suspension has innovative products, full inventory from top vendors and knowledgeable, talented technicians.


Ultimate has a large inventory of quarter midget parts in stock and ready to ship! Quarter midget shocks and springs, quarter midget axles, gears, brake parts, chains, engines, hubs, radius rods, steering, safety products, and more can be found on!


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